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The Value of Peers

Perhaps more than ever before, peer workers are seen as a vital part of the solution in addressing substance use disorder as a public health crisis. In Massachusetts, opioid-related overdose deaths increased to 33.5 per 100,000 people in 2022. This

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Multiracial happy young people putting their hands on top of each other - Diverse friends unity togetherness in volunteer community - Concept about college, relationship, creative, youth and community.

The Recovery Education Collaborative Launches

To Our Recovery Community, We are excited to announce the official launch of the Recovery Education Collaborative (REC)! We are filled with much enthusiasm as we embark on our mission to empower individuals on their path to recovery. Our mission

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Navigating Stigma: Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery

In the journey to recovery from addiction, individuals often face daunting challenges, with one of the most significant hurdles being the stifling impact of stigma. Stigma manifests as societal misconceptions, biases, and discriminatory attitudes towards those grappling with addiction. The

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