Meet Our Team

Welcome to the heart and soul of the Recovery Education Collaborative! Our team is an extraordinary group of dedicated individuals who share a passion for empowering others on their journey to recovery and personal growth

Daisy M Hernandez

C4 Innovations
REC Director of Peer Recovery Technical Assistance

Daurice Cox

Bay State Community Services
President and Chief Executive Officer

Isabel-Kai Fisher

C4 Innovations
Project Coordinator

Jeffrey Lewis

Torchlight Recovery
REC Facilitator & Outreach Coordinator

Jillian O'Brien

Bay State Community Services
Project Director

Kristen Paquette

C4 Innovations

Maryanne Frangules

Executive Director

Min. Randy Muhammad

Torchlight Recovery
Executive Director

Noel Sierra

REC Facilitator

Team Values

Communication: Collaboration, Transparency, Active Listening

Service Leadership: Empowerment, Guidance, Support

Humility: Open-Mindedness, Learning, Growth

Authenticity: Genuine, Sincerity, Integrity

Wellness: Holistic, Self-Care, Balance

Latest News from REC

April E-newsletter

February E-newsletter

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A Village Approach to Collaboration

Coming Soon!

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