Technical Assistance

Elevate Your Recovery Services

We understand the challenges that providers face in navigating the complex landscape of substance use, addiction, and recovery, and we are here to help.

Whether you are a small community-based organization or a large-scale provider, REC technical assistance is designed to meet your needs.

What is Technical Assistance?
Technical assistance, or TA, provides support to individual providers or organizations to meet an identified challenge or learning need.

TA may be delivered in many different ways, such as consultation, small group facilitation, action planning, implementation support, coaching, and targeted trainings.

How Does REC Deliver TA?
With our extensive expertise and vast network of support for peer workers, we offer a range of TA resources tailored to meet your needs.

REC Learning Series
REC works hard to continuously engage with and learn from the field of addiction recovery service providers across Massachusetts. This helps us to prioritize learning opportunities that will help many peer workers, supervisors, and agency leaders to deepen skills and sustain best practices.

Learn more about currently available REC Trainings and Learning Series here.

Customized Support:
REC also provides TA to support direct requests by BSAS-funded agencies that are providing addiction recovery services and supports. We recognize that every agency is different, and that’s why we take a customized approach. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific goals and challenges and develop a tailored plan to address them effectively. Our approach includes:

Strengths-Based Assessment: Our team will meet with you to discuss your request and develop a TA plan that builds on your agency’s strengths. As part of this assessment, we will explore factors such as organizational culture, equity, cultural humility, employee retention, and others that are important to delivering and sustaining effective, accessible recovery supports in your community.

Resource Sharing and Skilled Guidance: From knowledge sharing to program design, implementation of best practices or staff training, we provide expert guidance, education, and coaching to help you meet your agency’s goals.

Network Building: As part of REC TA support, we will help you to network and collaborate with other providers in the recovery community. Network development is helpful to build vital relationships, share experiences, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

Evaluation: We will assess whether the TA has met your needs and had the intended impact, and we will work with you to identify resources for additional support.

Contact: For TA requests please contact Daisy Hernandez:

Check back to learn more about REC Learning Series offerings in 2024.

Meet Daisy Hernandez, TA Specialist

Daisy’s role as the REC Director of Peer Recovery TA is supported by her unique personal and professional experiences within the field of substance use disorder and mental health. As a facilitator of BSAS recovery trainers, a substance use disorder / mental health training facilitator for C4 she brings a plethora of experiences to support organizations seeking to enhance the development of their peer worker. 

Through the lens of a woman with lived experience (peer), and trained as a masters level social worker she brings innovation to the role.

Daisy has served as a TA provider herself for the Crisis and Recovery Enhancement (CARE) TA Center that provides a comprehensive array of Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) services to California’s Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), she has developed trainings to support mentors on the MA Project AMP, Homeless and Housing Resource Center, Opioid Response Network for Delaware, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHOS), and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

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